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Welcome to the website of law firm Kanisová & Kanis Advokátska kancelária s.r.o., which was founded in 2010 under the guidance of a lawyer, sole shareholder and director Mgr. Matúš Kanis. Our law firm has, despite its relatively short existence, a lot of experience in providing legal advice and representation of their clients before the competent authorities and courts in contentious, non-contentious, civil, criminal, commercial and labour matters. Our law firm protects and cares about the interests of its clients when providing legal advices, negotiating and representing clients. Legal advice is provided for Slovak and also for foreign clients, both natural and legal persons in Slovak, English and German. We always provide legal services at the highest professional level, with the maintenance of the principle of confidentiality and protection of sensitive data with regard to the rights and lawful interests of the client. Each client’s specific matter and life situation is treated individually, relationship between client and law firm is based on trust, loyalty, open dialogue, awareness of our client about all the possible solutions to the legal matter, about steps in the procedure and consequences of his decisions, transparency of our procedures and a high level of providing legal services that are comprehensive and in the protection of rights and lawful interests of the clients effective and quick.

Our law firm is consists of young team of trainee attorneys working under the guidance of attorney Mgr. Matúš Kanis. The aim of our law firm is to provide professional legal services based on detailed knowledge of current legislation, the ability of the relevant legislation applicable to the case and propose several alternative solutions acceptable to the client. Therefore our office dynamically responds to any legislative changes and new trends in access to justice issues constantly deepen knowledge in the legal field, focusing activities not only by studying the legislation and legal theory, but by participation in various workshops and trainings on current legal issues, such as a workshop pertaining to minor children in accordance with the case law of the European Court of human rights, a seminar concerning Code of Non-contentious Civil Procedure focusing on family - legal proceedings or a seminar concerning "syndrome of disclaimed parent," the victims of sexual abuse and expert evidence.

In cooperation with the non-profit organization Alliance of Women of Slovakia our law firm regularly organizes training sessions on the issue of family law for professionals and the general public and also participated in teaching law students in the field of domestic violence and gender equality in the project Clinic of domestic violence in cooperation with the Faculty of Law, University of Trnava in Trnava.

Our law firm focuses on providing legal services in family law. Based on many years of experience, professional knowledge and training in relation to the sensitive treatment of victims of domestic violence and gender based treatment with people in difficult family situations requiring assistance of a lawyer and with children, who are mostly family law proceedings central parties, is for our activities characterized primarily follow the best interest of the minor child regardless of the motives of parents and other parties, cooperation and consultation with psychologists, authorized experts, non-governmental organizations and government authorities whose objective is the protection of a minor and amicable settlement of legal matter without the interference of courts in order to avoid a disproportionate burden of the minor in court hearings, with guardian ad litem and the proceedings itself. We consider our approach to resolving family law issues innovative and respectful to interests of the minor and his rights defined by the Slovak Constitution, international agreements and enactments, based on many years of experience in the field as well as our own legislative initiatives to a wider protection of the rights of minors and asserting their interests in cases which concern to minors.

Experience and eminent walk of our law firm in the area of ??family law, is demonstrated not only by the results of court cases, responses of clients and other parties, but also by regular requests from media to give an opinion on hyped family cases of public people, invitations to various debates organized by public and private radio stations and televisions, and last but not least participation of our team in the revision process of Family code and other enactments in the area of ??family law.

In addition to family law our law firm provides legal services also in the field of civil law (tenures, contract law, inheritance law, intellectual property rights and protection of personal rights), commercial law, labour law, criminal law and administrative law.

For long-term partners we providing comprehensive services in all areas of law.

Specialisation of the office

Our law firm provides legal services mainly in the following areas of law:

1. Family law

- Preparation of documents and filings a motions, providing legal advices, opinions and analysis, negotiating with other parties in order to conclude a parental agreement, co-operation with public authorities and third parties, representation in court in divorce proceedings, adjusting enforcement of parental rights and responsibilities, in proceedings concerned with alimony, contact with the minors, proceedings on cases concerning minors of which the parents cannot agree, institutional care and other educational measures, foster care, consignment of a child to substitute care, international abduction, the judgement execution in matters of minors and other proceedings in the meaning of the Family code and Code of Non-contentious Civil Procedure;
- Co-operation with the Alliance of Women in Slovakia;
- Our law firm has taken a share in project Clinic of domestic violence in collaboration with the Faculty of Law of the University of Trnava,
- Participation in legislative changes to family law,
- Lecturing on family law issues laic and professional public.

2. Civil law

- Preparation of civil contracts and agreements (sale contract, deed of gift, the agreement on the settlement of tenancy by the entirety and others);
- Resolution of contractual relationships related to real estate rights as are apartments, houses or land; regulation of rights to real estate (constitute real burden, pledge right and other property rights);
- Preparation of complaint and representation of clients in legal proceedings;
- Preparation of filings and representation in inheritance proceedings, proceedings on the restriction of legal capacity and other non-contentious procedures;

3. Arbitration

- Preparation of filings and representation in proceedings before the Court of Arbitration;

4. Commercial law and company law

- Foreign business persons; complex legal services to a foreign person without having to be attended during establishing the company in the Slovak Republic, the establishment of the company, commencement of companies, establishing bank accounts, accessorize registered seats, legal services for searching advisable employees and business partners, afford virtual office, services of temporary executive, services related to the commencement of business activities in the Slovak Republic and adapting of the newly established company in the Slovak business environment;
- Recovery of claims through the courts;
- File a motion for distraint of debtor and representation in distress proceedings;
- File a motion for declaration of bankruptcy;
- Preparation of commercial contracts, general business conditions;
- Establishing companies and cooperatives, including the preparation of all documents to the establishment and registration of a company by advanced electronic signature reducing fee obligation of the client;
- Notifying trade licences, appointing responsible representatives, suspend trading; filing a motions to the Trade Licence Register through advanced electronic signature reducing fee obligation of the client;
- Corporate changes in companies (transfer of shares, executive callback, merging of companies, etc.);
- Voluntary liquidation and change of legal form of the company;
- Termination of business;
- Preparation of security projects for a company, internal directives and model contractual documents of the company

5. Criminal Law

- Preparation of filings in criminal proceedings including preparation of complaint;
- Representation in criminal proceedings, including participation in the hearing and defence in court;

6. Labour Law

- Preparation of employment contracts, dismissal, agreement on termination of employment relationship etc;
- Representation in court in labour disputes;

7. Administrative Law

- Representation in administrative delict proceedings;
- Preparation of documents needed to Real Estate Cadastre and representation in the cadastral registration proceedings;
- Representation before the Construction authority,
- Preparation of documents for public procurement;
- Representation before public authorities;

8. Intellectual property law

- Preparation of contracts according to copyright law (license agreements, contract of work);
- Registration of trademarks;
- Representation before the Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic

9. Non-profit sector law

- Registration of civic associations

10. Foreigner Law

- Preparation of documents for granting a temporary residence permit in the Slovak Republic and the extension of the temporary residence permit;
- Representation before the Foreign Police of the Slovak Republic;
- Communication with the chancellery of the Slovak Republic;
- Legal services after obtaining a temporary residence permit, communication with public authorities, other organizations, health insurance companies, landlords and third parties on behalf of the foreigner;
- Provision of legal services in all areas of the private life of foreigners in the Slovak Republic;
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